Room and seating to match your type of event.

Banquet Rounds Reception Theatre Classroom U Shape Hollow Exhibit
The Elegance Room 300 220 475 330 200 110 80 40
The Opulence Room 170 100 250 200 110 50 40 20
The Grand Olympian 450 360 700 470 330 200 150 70
The Vivian Ballroom 300 220 475 330 200 110 80  40
  • Banquet seating is figured using 72’ Round  tables and 8’ rectangle tables.
  • Rounds seating is figured using all  72”round  tables.
  • Reception seating is figured using only a few high top tables with standing room for guests.
  • Theatre seating is figured using only chairs .
  • Classroom seating is figured using 8’ tables with chairs placed all facing the same direction.
  • U-Shape seating is figured using 8’ tables in a U-Shape position with seating on the inside and the outside of the table.
  • Hollow Square seating is figured using 8’ tables in a large square/rectangle shape with seating on the outside only.
  • Exhibit formation is figured using only tables designated for displaying items.
  • Diagrams can be created by request for assigned seating arrangements.
  • For On-Site Ceremonies the seating is determined by the number of guests in attendance.  A diagram will be specially designed for your event.
  • Please keep in mind, if you are hosting a Photo Booth, or other activities that consume room space, this will affect the capacity of your room.
  • All rooms are handicap accessible.
  • All rooms feature an elevated riser area.
  • The Opulence Room, Grand Olympian Ballroom, and Vivian Ballroom all feature built in AV projectors.
  • For any room related questions, please confer with your sales and catering director.


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